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“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” – Jim Rohn


What’s In My Backpack (2019)

March 24, 2019

I’ve seen a lot of posts like this and I’ve always wanted to make one for myself but I always had an excuse not to. The most recent was because I had a tote-bag rather than a backpack. Lame, I know. Anyway, I’ve recently gotten myself a cute backpack that I adore and I realise that nothing hinders me from joining the bandwagon anymore. So, here’s a journey. I’ll take you to the depths of my backpack and get you…

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Jesus and Cross-Centered Worship Songs

Hi friends. If you’re a Christian and into music, like me, surely, you have had experiences like mine when you tend to categorise Christian songs. Not by genre but by message. There are songs that tell about your love for God, songs about the struggles…

February 7, 2017

Life Changing Apps of 2016

I know it’s a little too early. It’s not even Christmas, yet (as of this posting). However, I wanted to be one of the first people on the internet who posts a list of life changing apps of 2016. Like that will ever happen. For…

December 24, 2016

Easy Way To Kickstart Your Life: Habits

Success, by its definition, is relative. I consider some parts of my life a success, and some are a work in progress. I have recently realised, however, that success is success, no matter how small it is. The benefit of this principle is the…

November 11, 2016