July 11, 2017
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It has been a month since I changed my theme. >.< I didn’t think I’d change it so soon. I liked my previous theme. It was fancy. I must say, though. The last one took me a couple months to complete. This current one, however, took me a couple days. If I may be so bold to say that my theme development skills have improved dramatically. Oh and this theme has a name. It’s called blogera. It’s a mix of Bagheera and Blogger. But, you say it like ‘blogaerah’ instead of ‘blogeerah’.

Theme Details

Name: blogera
Version: 1.0
Description: Blogera is a simple blogging theme with a fixed sidebar that resembles twitter and a scrolling main body. It features a profile photo in the sidebar as well as social links. It is fully responsive and works on any device. It does not use the native WP comments but is fully integrated with disqus comment system.
Framework: bootstrap, font-awesome
Tags: two-column, white, left-sidebar, custom-menu, custom-logo, theme-options, featured-images

Upcoming Features

  • Infinite scroll
  • Background Colors
  • Multi-level Menu

PS: I’m currently stuck trying to make the ‘infinite scroll’ work but I can’t seem to do that. If you have suggestions, my inbox is open!

Blogera via @abigailpropins
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