MeReads: My First Android App

March 14, 2017
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Hello world! As promised, I am here to share with you my very first Android App. This was originally a school project and I liked it and I think it’s useful enough. I hoped to make an ebook reader app but I realised, as I tried to build it, how difficult it was to find a working EPUB library that’s free. Sure there is SkyeEpub but it was too buggy for a noob developer like me. I had three weeks to make the app and I needed to spend most of that time at Udacity, learning the basics of Android Studio as well as build my dynamic website, too. You can imagine the heck of a month I went through. Anyway! There is also Adobe eBook Platform but that is freaking expensive. I think it’s mainly for enterprise use.

And so, I went and modified my plans a little bit. I ended up making a book tracking app!

I’m an iOS user so the Android environment was new to me. I had to buy a used Xiaomi Redmi 3S for the development and testing. There is a built-in emulator on Android Studio but I find it too slow and laggy. Also, testing on a real device is always a better option, I think.

I like the fact that Android has more users than iOS. That way, I can test my app with a wider set of audience (if people actually download my app, hopefully, haha). Although, there’s more revenue with Apple’s app store than Google’s Play store, at least according to this. To be honest, I think the Android environment is better for developers to play around with and can cater to more users which means popularity which can equal revenue, as well. They probably make more one-hit wonder apps than iOS developers do (remember Flappy Bird?) but for a more stable income, iOS development is definitely a better choice. Enough of that now.

Without further ado, let me introduce to you, MeReads: a book reading tracker app. It lets you keep a list of the books you are reading and track each book as you continue on until you complete all your books! It’s very similar to GoodReads but I personally find the GoodReads app needing some more work. It would be great if I was able to integrate GoodReads API so you could just link up your GoodReads account, but, give me some time. Haha! For now, it’s a standalone, offline app. Let me show you what it does, in screenshots:

This app lets you add books to your “Reading List.” You can choose to add a book cover. If not, a default book cover image is used. Once the book is added, you will be able to view it under “Reading List” as well as see your progress bar. Every time you read a few more pages, you can update the book by tapping on it and updating the page number you’re on. Once you finish reading, you can update your book, mark it finished and remove it from your reading list. You will be able to share your achievement via sharing apps as well.

I poured my heart and soul into creating this and I hope it would be beneficial to you! I would very much appreciate feedback. To download the app, click the image link below or click here.

MeReads: My First Android App via @abigailpropins
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