101 Things I Hope To Do In This Life

November 23, 2017

There are so many things that we want to happen in our lives. Things we want to do, just as much, maybe even more. Things we can do, however, drastically limits the list and only the things we will do, have the highest chance of ever becoming a reality.

This is the list of the everything I hope to do in this lifetime. By hope, I don’t mean blind faith but having a positive expectation that the things I want, I can and will do. I’m an overly positive person and I believe nothing is impossible – with God, that is.

This list may take a week, or a lifetime to complete but who’s counting the days? Just living everyday is a wonder in itself.

If I was a cake, perfectly handmade by Jesus, these are the cherries on top.

Personal Development

  1. Finish a university degree – in progress
  2. Finish reading the bible with the understanding of Grace
  3. Learn a foreign language (other than English and Filipino, my native language being Cebuano)
  4. Attend and complete a photography course (just the basics)
  5. Attend and complete a social etiquette class
  6. Attend and complete a dance class
  7. Attend and complete a martial arts class
  8. Attend and complete a cooking class
  9. Attend and complete a sewing or a knitting class
  10. Attend and complete a swimming class
  11. Attend and complete a Yoga class
  12. Get out of debt / experience financial freedom
  13. Run a 10k race
  14. Run another 10k race


  1. Develop an IOS app
  2. Develop an Android app
  3. Develop a fully functional website
  4. Develop a WordPress theme
  5. Develop a commercial WordPress theme
  6. Complete a project as a freelancer


  1. Write a book
  2. Publish a book
  3. Read 300 books
  4. Read all the works of Joseph Prince
  5. Read all the works of Ravi Zacharias
  6. Read the LOTR series
  7. Read the Narnia series


  1. Own a DSLR camera
  2. Own my dream house
  3. Own a manga in Japanese language – thanks to my boyfriend <3
  4. Own a digital piano, a keyboard or a synthesiser for at least 5 years
  5. Own a swimming pool
  6. Own a treadmill


  1. Visit Israel
  2. Visit Israel with family
  3. Visit Sydney
  4. Visit Seoul
  5. Visit Japan
  6. Visit Santorini
  7. Visit all 7 continents
  8. Visit the Smithsonian
  9. Take a selfie outside 221B Baker Street
  10. See Cherry blossoms in Japan
  11. Go to Disney land
  12. Go sledding with doggies
  13. See the northern lights
  14. See the pyramids
  15. Check in at a 5 star hotel

In Singapore

  1. Visit the really really free market
  2. Take the 10km walk at the Southern Ridges
  3. Take the Singapore river cruise


  1. Fly first class
  2. See a broadway musical
  3. Lead church praise and worship (even just once haha!) – at the sea of Galilee!
  4. Own a pet (dog or cat or… goldfish?)
  5. Cosplay
  6. Walk barefoot in the rain
  7. Throw a party
  8. Dye my hair red
  9. Sunset on the beach
  10. Sunrise on the beach
  11. Bake a cake
  12. Build a snowman
  13. Take a Sabbatical
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Go to a costume party, comic or anime con and dress up
  16. Have a walk-in closet
  17. Complete a 365 day photography project
  18. Get a foot massage and a pedicure
  19. Spend a morning or afternoon at Starbucks, reading an eBook on a Mac and sipping hot coffee (and just feel like my life is being filmed xD)
  20. Go fishing
  21. Visit a dog shelter
  22. Keep a journal for 5 years
  23. Visit a carnival

I realise it isn’t that easy to come up with 101 meaningful things to do in one lifetime. I admit I had to get some inspiration from other lists but majority of them are random and have no impact on anyone. I’d rather not waste time and effort on something I’m not sure I’d enjoy. I am also the total opposite of an extreme person so no skydiving or swimming with sharks.

I’ve racked my brain but I still can’t come up with a complete list. So, for now, I’ll just keep this at 73. I’m sure I’ll get some more inspiration as time passes.

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