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March 13, 2017

Hello, my friends. I was inactive for a month because… life. As if that explains everything. But, really, if I think about it, that does explain everything. A lot have happened since my last post. A whole lot. Although, it was mainly involving only school. Well, I also work and still am a full time network engineer which I am thankful for every day. However, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but, my dream isn’t with routers and switches but to be a web developer, and maybe the best at that. Just maybe. It was for this reason that I took up the diploma course, web technologies.

And speaking of which, last week was our final lecture. Finally! It has been 8 months and although that sounds like a very short amount of time now, my brain has expanded a significant size compared to before I started schooling. Hey. I’ve made an Android app and built a dynamic website with html5, css3, php, mysql and javascript. And if that’s not achievement enough for someone from a very different field of experience for a very long time, I don’t know what is.

The last time I did proper programming was with Visual Basic back in 2008. Back then, I had no idea what web development was. Heck, I had no idea, exactly, what programming was and for. All I knew was that with it, I could make softwares. And that awareness, opened my eyes to endless possibilities, especially with the power of the internet now. Ever since then, I’ve sneaked a few hours a day to continue being amazed by the epic-ness of the developer world.

The internet made me realise that there is so much I can do.

What attracted me the most to development, and still does today, is the ability to create stuff out of nothing. It’s like pulling something out of thin air. Just like magic. The next great thing about it is that, unlike magicians and their rabbits without any practical purpose, than solely for our entertainment, development is an outcome of a purpose; an existence borne of want or need and made to fill a gap. What you make exists for a reason, and most of the time, very beneficial reasons. They’re not purely for entertainment, although that’s a huge plus and that alone makes it a worthwhile hobby and profession, it is for an even greater cause.

Off the top of my head, web development, specifically for me, is not only a very fun thing to do, but it helps me materialise my dreams and those of other people, among many others. We all have dreams both big and small. Dreams must be visualised and communicated and I can do that now in a very fancy way, with web development. Everyone wants his own website. Especially when online presence matters everywhere. Maybe, technically, not everywhere yet but it’s heading that direction. I can make people’s lives easier and fancy! And I’ll be enjoying the entire process as well as pay my bills and have expensive dinners.

So, I’m excited to share with you all, my progress. I’ll reach a milestone next week, after I finish my finals for this course. After which, I have the option to apply for scholarship for a degree course or wait it out and save for another 6 months to pay for it myself. The latter seems to be a better option as I don’t think it’s practical for my health and sanity to maintain a scholarship with 4 modules every term on top of working full time with rotating shifts. I’m no wonder woman.

I have a lot of plans if I do wait for 6 months. I’m thinking of reading a few more books and taking online courses (Udacity, anyone?) for front end or full stack development. Additionally, I could make some money by spending some time at Freelancer. It would help a lot with my saving. Lastly, and just as importantly, I’ll be building my portfolio. That means, lots and lots of coding and web designing. Omg, that is so exciting! To be honest, I can’t wait to get this exam over with.

Well, that’s all my updates for now. Thanks for staying with me in this journey. Have a good one!

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3 years ago

can’t wait to see your website!