Casting All Cares

February 12, 2018

I only took two modules this term and to my delight, I won’t have any exams. I have, however, quite a number of assignments and projects to finish. One is a mobile movie and I have to come up with a storyboard and a script plus a short essay about the concepts I’ll be using due next week. For my other module, I ended up being the group leader for a presentation to show this March. My team and I will start working on that the week after next week.

In another realm, on the other hand, my professional life with Nucleus Connect is ending this week. After Chinese New Year, I’m moving over to Starhub. I haven’t had time to process that both mentally and emotionally. There’s quite a few things, paperwork mostly, I have to finish for the transition.

When I’m not working on my homework or my job, I’m trying to finish a side-project, which is also kind of a big one. It’s my sister’s website. The current one is getting a bit outdated. I coded it last year but there are quite a few major things that need updating. I do my coding and testing on my lab site. You can check it out and see how it’s developing. My progress with this is a bit slow, though. I am not really that confident with my coding skills yet, both in WordPress and JavaScript. So, I’m reading a complete guide on developing professionally for WordPress (will learn JS later). It’s a good book and WordPress recommends it too. Check out the preview on the left.

Speaking of books, I’m trying to accomplish a goal this year, of reading 20 books. I’ve read one so far and currently on 2 at the same time: the one I mentioned, Professional WordPress Design and Development and The Two Towers (LOTR). I’m starting to regret choosing lengthy books, though. I’m getting impatient and I just want to finish them now, but time seems to be against me. Especially with everything else happening in my life.

I try to read whenever I can, but I have quite a lot of academic journals to read for my school as well. I guess that’s what’s weighing me down a bit lately. There are so many things that I have to and want to do. It’s kinda overwhelming. My priorities are constantly changing to accomodate for what’s most important for the day or the week.

The thing is, I know what I should be focusing on. It’s Jesus. He promised to take care of me and every little detail of my life, while I fix my eyes on Him. That is the only thing that matters, really. It’s just that sometimes I forget and I end up worrying over things I should be doing or should have already done. I’m not even procrastinating. There’s really just too many things I want to do all at once. I guess I’m a bit too excited to see things flourish in my life. All these baby steps are getting boring and I just want to leap!

But, Jesus knows what lies ahead and He has my best interests in mind. He has already gone before me and checked it out for me. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and whether or not I can already face the big world. He is in control and I know I can never go wrong if I just cast all my cares and worries upon Him. Being anxious about my assignments and school projects, or everything about my job, or my sister’s website, or just my future in general, won’t fix anything. I guess, I’ll take this time to remember God’s goodness in everything I went through. He will never abandon me and is probably already preparing everything for my future. All I have to do is be still and see His salvation.

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