September 4, 2017

The only thing that is constant is change. This is true to you as it is to me. Hello, my dear readers! I would like to apologise in advance, if I start rambling here and stray away from what I suppose I should be sharing.

I’ll start with some news. I am officially, certifiably and undeniably a university student. The impact of this to me is much greater than I can ever write. The Lord knows how much I have wanted to get a degree. I started working at the age of 18 after getting an associate diploma with very few credits that I couldn’t use said diploma to proceed to an undergraduate degree.

Being abruptly put into a world of professionals at a young age and a much younger mental state, I grew inferior and eventually insecure of others getting promotion after promotion because of their educational achievements. I learned early on that my educational background wasn’t going to take me far and I had to pursue my studies if I wanted to have a better career path.

Back then, I was working full time and I’ve made two or three unsuccessful attempts at getting a degree. I’ve enrolled at a private institution but I chickened out and eventually dropped out just a few months in. I’ve also enrolled at a local university but seeing my contemporaries almost a decade younger than me didn’t really sit well with me. It only intensified my insecurity and decreased my motivation, which was almost non-existent to begin with.

The frustration stayed at the back of my mind and I only have Jesus to thank for the obvious miracle of me getting an IT job here in Singapore. No one, not even I, could’ve imagined that such an opportunity would open for someone who was painfully aware and conscious of their insufficiency.

You may understand exactly how I feel – and I feel like flying – when in spite of my inadequacies, only having the stroke of blessing to push me forward, I am, yet again, given the opportunity to reach new heights. You may not, however. After all, this kind of favour does not happen to every one, every day. I am extremely – I wouldn’t call it lucky because I don’t believe in luck – fortunate. Favoured.

I think this is one of Jesus’ ways of telling me that it’s not about me. It’s not about how much I try and persevere. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous (Matthew 5:45). He could make all these things happen and more, for people who don’t deserve it. Why? Because He loves them. Because He loves me. And because I believe in His love and grace for me that goes beyond merit (meaning unconditional), I am freely receiving His goodness.

Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin (Romans 4:8). I am living the life that I don’t deserve because of Jesus’ grace – because He’s not giving me my due, the imputation of my sins, mistakes and failures.

I am not the only one, however. This does not and will not only happen to me. Jesus has a big storehouse and He’s more than willing to bless you like a father willingly gifts his children. Only believe in Jesus and what He has done for you at the Cross. 🙂

Anyway and in addition to starting school, there are a few more, albeit minor, changes I’m going through that I would like to share. I have observed positive changes in my lifestyle that I never thought I’d be able to keep consistently – it’s all by Jesus’ grace. These are mostly good habits that I have learned to develop in the last few months and I hope they can be helpful to you, or inspire you at least.


Here’s food for thought, if you remove the Cross from DIET, all that remains is die.

A couple months ago, I started having Superfood+ with Chia Seeds for breakfast. As a result, I’ve lost 6lbs and have maintained my normal weight since. I have also had better bowel movement and have stopped needing coffee for my morning boost. Less caffeine, healthier life.

  • Superfood+ is a “complete nutritional beverage composed of 7 colours whole plant-based ingredients added with prebiotics, lutein, spirulina and other potent ingredients.”
  • Chia “is the highest combined plant based source of omega 3, fibre and protein.”

Another shift in my lifestyle that may have been going on for close to a year now is my daily consumption of apple cider vinegar and honey. I do this every morning or every time I wake up. With the nature of my job, sometimes my mornings are really evenings.


I bought a treadmill. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, really. I started walking for 15-20 minutes two or three times a week on my treadmill. I also started walking to my place after work. It’s only 2km. Although the results are not that magnificent – it’s only walking short distances – I finally got rid of menstrual cramps. You have no idea how happy that makes me.


You may have read about my new hair routine. I started this about a couple months ago. I made a mixture of rosemary, castor, olive, jojoba and argan oils and I leave them on my hair for a couple hours, sometimes overnight, before rinsing off. I do this two to three times a week and the results are fantastic! My hair grows really fast, and it’s thicker, heavier and a lot healthier. I’m planning to have all the coloured ends cut and just let it grow naturally from here on out.


I’m very excited to share this. About a month ago, I’ve started something similar to the Koreans’ 10-step skin care. Truth be told, I was inspired by Yeonmi Park’s skin when I first saw her on TV. She’s a great person, by the way, a strong and courageous young woman.

I haven’t yet completed my collection of products – I don’t have a face serum or essence, and face oil yet – but I have started the following regimen:

I agree it is a lot to even remember but I have gotten used to putting them on and the results are already visible after a couple of days! Sometimes I can’t help but stare at my skin in the mirror and feel so… Korean! I love the feel of my new skin, it makes me happy and boosts my confidence.

There are still a few more products I wish to add to this list, like the face serum and face oil as well as pimple scar treatments and eye cream. If you’re thinking of trying this, I’ll have to warn you in advance, it takes (a lot of) time and dedication but it pays off in the end. So, all the best to you!

Alright, I think I finally got to share all the feelings I’ve been bottling up inside me. Quite an effort I’ve put forth into writing this, really. I wish I was helpful in any way. At the very least, I was able to update my blog and keep my 2017 commitment of posting at least one blog a month. Lol. That will be all from me today. I shall see you again soon.

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