Life Update 2017.1

January 10, 2017

Hello friends. It’s been so long. The last time I posted an update was a year ago… XD Happy New Year 2017, my readership, or the lack thereof, hopefully not! Wow, I’m 10 days late. I tried to post on New Year’s Eve but, life happened and I was out partying. No, not really. I’m not really the party type of girl. I don’t know how to party. Maybe I do, but partying, to me, might mean something else to others.

Ahhh, this would be my ideal party. Fully clothed. Glasses. Maybe we can do without soda, though. I’m kind of a [self-proclaimed] health buff. And probably, replace that garbage on the table with salads.

Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked. I’m supposed to be sharing an update about my life, for all those who care.

I’ll skip all the 2016 details because otherwise would be so last year.

I didn’t have anything planned on NYE, as usual. For the last 3 years I’ve been spending year ends and beginnings on my computer, video calling my family abroad and eating my favourite dishes alone. It’s not lonely. It’s peaceful, rather. And I had no plan of changing that.

This year, however, my colleagues who were going to spend NYE in the office brought lots of food and planned to celebrate the night away. I thought it was cool to give it a try. So I stayed in the office after work. We had dinner and we watched Trolls, which was very funny, by the way. Great family film! Which isn’t surprising if it comes from Dreamworks.

I didn’t wait for 2017 though. I had to catch the last bus of 2016 (I’m making it sound dramatic; notice me senpai!) because I didn’t want to overspend on holiday cab on the first day of the year. That would have been a bad start. So, instead, I took the bus and got home before midnight and spent the last 10 minutes of the year, thinking about nothing in particular. Ahhh. It was a very peaceful way of meeting the new year.

Alas, for me, I had to hit the ground running. I served at church on NY day. It wasn’t unfortunate, however. I gladly chose to spend the first day at church and I’m glad I did. Loved the Word! Loved the church’s theme of the year, I really think it’s for me. I will write a separate post about it, later.

After then, I was immediately back to my routine of work, school, homework, repeat. But! I managed to squeeze in a weekend getaway into my chaotic schedule. I went home for a 3 day vacation and I’m so happy! Time spent with family is more than gold! I loved it, I had a great time. Everyone in my family is a home-buddy. Maybe, arguably for me dad. But we spent the weekend watching movies, napping, eating the best foods, and talking for hours and hours!

And that brings us to today. I got back to Singapore earlier this morning. And early as in, 1:10AM. I slept for a few but now I’m back up, fully energised and ready to take over the world.

I have my 3rd term finals this weekend, so I will be studying in a few minutes and I’m moving to a new house the next weekend, so I’ll be packing in a few days. Whew. I will be fine. I will make it through. Jesus got my back.

Well, I hope you have a fantastic 2017 with many, many opportunities for growth in all areas of your life. May all roads lead you to the favour of God and may your life shine like a candle in the this worldly darkness. Thanks for reading, friend!

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