May 18, 2017

Did you think I forgot about my promise that I’d post something at least once a month? I haven’t forgotten. I have just been, not dizzyingly busy, but not depressingly free either. Oh there’s so much going on! I want to say I’m excited but for the most part, I’m just blindly pushing forward. Not everything is making sense right now. But if there was anything I learned from Disney, it’s to just keep swimming. Sense and logic will have to catch up. I’m not willing to stop my engine just for them. Thank Jesus for His supernatural peace.

Okay, I’ll let you in on what’s been going on. At least, the interesting parts. I’m working on a new website. That’s right, I’m moving soon! You can check it out but it’s still under construction, You gotta admit, that domain name is fancy.

So, I’ve been spending most of my time on there, designing and developing my portfolio. I bought a lot of courses from Udemy, too. If I’m not tinkering with my new webby, I’m trying to finish my online courses. I’m taking a break from school, but I can’t seem to escape studying. That should be a good thing.

Oh, did I mention I went for a short vacation last month? I never did, didn’t I? It’s summer and I had a crazy busy week with my family. We went to three different beach resorts and went food tripping along the way. It was so fun. Oh, and, I turned 27.

Okay, what else can I share… Ah, work has been so so. I finished reading Fullmetal Alchemist. I loved it! I’ve been thinking of leaving the ministry but I’m not quite sure yet, so I’ll let that pass for now. Oh, oh. I’m working on my portfolio in preparation for getting a part-time, online job. I got five months before school starts, and I thought I could use that time to earn extra and prepare for my career change at the same time.

Oh, you’d congratulate me on this one. I bought a treadmill! Yas! I have no reason not to be fit anymore. I actually placed it right next to my bed. I have absolutely no excuse, no way out of this. I’ll be fit, whether I like it or not. Haha.

When I’m not expanding my brain, I’m chilling in my room – and by that, I mean, singing karaoke. I honestly think I need to spend some time outside. I’ve been hiding in my cave for months. I just can’t find a valid reason to go out. I have everything I need in my room lol. I got food supply to last me a few months without going to the groceries. I could order online and have food delivered to my place too. I could exercise indoors. I got my family and friends online. Other than when working, the only time I go out is when I go to church. Hmmm. Now, I think that’s reason enough to stay in the ministry.

I just really want to finish my studies as soon as possible and go back home. I got two years to finish my degree. After that, I can kiss this expatriate lifestyle goodbye and, by God’s grace, just work at home. Oh well, look at the time. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll try to be back soon.

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Armand K.
3 years ago

Happy birthday to you then 🙂