Moving, Moved

January 22, 2017

This is just a life update, so, if you were looking for something grand of a post, you can skip this one. It’s only the third weekend of January and I feel like I’ve already lived for an entire year. No kidding. Though, admittedly, exaggerating a little.

I’m rather exhausted typing this. But I just wanna let everything out. After meeting 2017, I went on for a short vacation and visited my family in the Philippines. It was only for a weekend but I had a really great time just vegetating. After I got back to Singapore, which I may have already mentioned in my previous post but I’m way too lazy right now to look it up, I secluded myself from the world to study for my third term finals. If you’re not aware, I’m trying out for a scholarship this year, so it was a rather intense study week. The weekend after my finals, I packed like a boss and got ready for moving. I had so much stuff that I would have broken down anytime if it wasn’t for Jesus’ peace and grace.

I rented a room near (almost 2KM from) my office. I had big plans for myself and I thought I’d walk to and fro work. Now, I’m almost starting to regret it. I’m considering getting myself a scooter. Oh well, I won’t think about that, for now.

The only thing that matters to me right now is that, I’m finally done unpacking everything and I’m here, laying in bed, getting started with my vegetation. But, of course, reality is such a killjoy, I’m back to work tomorrow. Well, I’m thankful that I still have a job. Just because I feel lazy sometimes doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for my job.


*talks to self*

Why am I doing this when I am dead tired and should be sleeping right now?

I really don’t know. I think my head is still a little overwhelmed. I should rest now. I’ll be back with my senses.

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