My Bucket List 2017

January 23, 2017

Okay. So, I got my new place and I slept for 9 hours last night after all the hard-work I’ve getting myself involved with the last 3 weeks. Now, I’m ready to take over the world.

First things first. My mind is having a hard time organising my thoughts what with all the things I need to do and I want to get. A wise and funny lady on TV once said to always write things down on paper (in this case, blog) so to not forget and to have a constant reminder of everything.

Therefore, here is me attempting to make a coherent list of things to do and get this… I don’t want this page to take up a million words so I’ll settle for: Things To Do and Get This Year. I could write about my lifetime wants and needs but I got no time for that right now. And you don’t either. Without further ado:

Things To Get:

First Batch

  1. A Coat Hanger
  2. Cushioned Bench
  3. iPhone Tri Pod
  4. Table Lamp
  5. Comfy Computer Chair
  6. Angry Mama (Microwave Cleaner)
  7. Air Wick Automatic Air Freshener
  8. Treadmill (Optional)

Things To Do:

First Batch

  1. Sell Microwave
  2. Rent an Android Phone (For School Project)

Alright, done. Hey, that wasn’t as long and complicated as I thought it would be. My mind was just playing tricks on me, making me feel like I’m swamped with things to do and buy. But I really wasn’t. Well, maybe, I was but it wasn’t that bad. Okay. Now, I feel lighter. Oh and I separated my list in batches (right now there’s only one batch for both to do and to get lists) because I may add to this list sometime in the near future. The things I’ve written are most likely happening the soonest. As I continue along, living, I will continue to update this list, until 2017 is over.

Also, I just realised. My bucket list isn’t as grand as most of other peoples’. That is probably because, to me, success is getting something done. Emphasis on done rather than something.

Update: I am discontinuing this list. I only have three things left to buy, which I have realised, I don’t really need anymore. Instead, I am creating a more general one, my life bucket list, which I will be posting very shortly. Thanks for staying tuned!

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