My Ultimate Bucket List

February 4, 2017

This list will be updated on an ongoing basis. There are already many things I want to do in this life but there are far more and greater things I haven’t discovered yet. As I continue on this journey, I will find myself adding more and more to this list. And that is very exciting. I may share some, if not most, of them here as I check them off.

For now, I will make do with the following. They’re, by no means, easy tasks but I always find myself daydreaming about these when I’m idle. Well, it’s about time to put them all into writing and make this official!

  1. Take sewing classes.
  2. Sew my own, at least one, dress.
  3. Take swimming lessons.
  4. Take cooking lessons.
  5. Get my double major degree in business and web communication. – CHECK
  6. Get an MBA.
  7. Write a book, or two, or three.
  8. Build my own, or pay someone to build me a library.
  9. Read a thousand, non fantasy, books.
  10. Go to London and visit 221B Baker Street.

Okay. Ten is good enough for now. I’m tempted to add taking taekwondo classes but that maybe overdoing it a little? Of course not! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that. There’s no limit to your dreams. If you decide to dream at all, dream big.

Although, personally, I still have to think about Taekwondo, whether it’s worth it or not. Alright, that’s all I have for now. I’ll be back with more!

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