Un Diciembre de Calibre – Just an Update

December 19, 2017

I don’t speak Spanish. I understand some words and phrases because I’m Filipino but I’m not fluent at all so don’t be fooled by the title of this post. I really just wanted to use the phrase “de calibre” with December. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’m gonna share here today, though. That’s just totally random.

So, this is just gonna be a rundown of my 2017. We still have about two weeks before the new year starts but I got nothing to do now so might as well get this over with. Not that blogging is a burden, it is a very relaxing and fulfilling activity, mind you. It’s just that for the rest of the month, I plan to hibernate. Like this guy right here.

First things first. In October last year, I made a commitment post. (In my next “blogera” theme update I will enable the widget bar so it’s easy to highlight important posts) I made a commitment to:

  • Never delete the contents of this blog, such as posts, images, links, pages and other miscellaneous data unless:
    • ordered by the law, both government and moral;
    • requested by my readers, on a case by case basis;
    • required for my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical advancement;
  • Post a blog update, at the minimum of once a month.

It’s with great joy that I present to you the success of this one year challenge. I never deleted anything in this blog. I did change one post status to “draft” because I’m in the process of updating it. Other than that, the rest of the contents of this blog have remained.

Why I have a problem with deleting posts is because I used to do that a lot. To me, it meant hiding what I think were my mistakes, covering them up. That is synonymous to running away from who I am. If I am to accept all of me, like Jesus did, I’ll have to take in the mistakes too. Of course, that’s only applicable to a point. (Celebrities with naked photos on the internet would rather have those taken down, I think being constantly under public scrutiny is harder than it actually sounds). Also, I liked the idea of keeping the Journal category as an official “log” of the moments in my life that are worth-posting, good or bad.

It’s also greatly satisfying when you complete a challenge. The other commitment I made, basically a challenge, was to never stop updating this blog. Life was happening and sometimes things weren’t under control but I was still able to post updates about my life (for those who care). I was consistent! Consistency is key to becoming whoever you want to be or achieving whatever it is you want. Consistency is key to success.

Alright. Now is the time I go through the highlights of this year (as I’m writing the following, I’m going through all the previous Journal posts I made throughout this year).


I moved to a new place which I really, really love. My landlord and landlady are very nice people. My roommate (their niece), as in someone who stays in the next room to mine, is also a great person. By “great” and “nice” I mean, they let me do my thing and they don’t stick their nose in my business. They are very civil and professional. This is what works for me. The boundaries in our relationship (as a renter and owner) are very clear and there is no room for drama. It has been peaceful living here. Not to mention it’s a 25-min walk from the office.

It was around this time that I went back home for a weekend getaway. I was also doing my diploma at the time. 2017 started kind of busy and activity-filled. I spent New Year’s day serving at church (starting at 5AM). Looking back makes me wonder. Have I always this busy of a person?


I made a bucket list. I made two bucket lists in February. I totally forgot about my Ultimate Bucket List. I have a more recent version and largely more detailed. By this time getting a degree was still a dream. Now I’m a lot closer to achieving this dream. Term 1 of 5. 20% complete, if you will.


Ah the joy of innocence. During this time I thought I could take 4 modules per term. Little did I know that’s like suicide. I had so many plans this time haha. I thought the 6-month break was actually gonna be me coding and learning new stuff. I don’t think I did though. That 6-month break, if I remember correctly, I spent hibernating. I’ll keep reading and find out if that’s what really happened.


Yup. I was right. By this time, I decided to get rid of the standard of imaginary perfection I was holding myself up to. No one was forcing me to do so many things in so little time (6 Udacity courses in 6 months?! Who in the right mind would plan that?) but I was there, disappointed that I couldn’t get myself to transform to Super Saiyan level 9000. I’m no Goku… err or Vegetta. It’s funny how, although not as often anymore, I still find moments where I get disappointed in my own incompetence. That’s life fer ya! Just move on. I’m glad I did get back up again though. Jesus still has so much more in store for me.

I went back home for my summer vacation during this time too. It was soooo fun, words can’t describe it. Oh and I turned 27.


What was wrong with me?! In April I realised that I didn’t have to be too much of a busybody anymore. In May, however, instead of enjoying my break from school because of the realisation that I didn’t have to burden myself, I was back there again developing websites and thinking about part time jobs? Wow, seriously, Abi. You needed to chill but okay, past is past.

By this time, I had a renewed drive to do more stuff. Ugh, I need to teach myself to tone it down.


Oooh, this was the time I made the switch to this domain. Ahhh I’m still in love with this domain lol. I also coded a WordPress theme from scratch (although not technically, because I was using the _s framework). And I started working on my sister’s website. This was a fun month.


This was the month I got promoted. ‘Nuff said.

Oh wait, there’s more. This was also the month I got accepted at Murdoch University!

And this was when I started listening to the Grace Capsule.

This was probably the best month of 2017. If not next to April.


Hmm, so I had no journal entry in August. Instead I wrote about hair tips and one of my favourite readings ever. Well, it was around this time that I started going herbal. I have a very meticulous hair and facial routine. I started making the hair potion this month. It’s a mix of different essential oils.


Before this month (not sure exactly when it was), I bought a treadmill and I started eating healthy. I also stopped drinking coffee and I went with organic food, most of the time. Well, whaddya know, I still do all of this today ‘cept the treadmill thing. Okay, that I’m still working on. But hey, again, consistency is key and I’m very happy to see this in my life now.


Another post about being busy LOL. It does kinda get annoying. I’m sorry reader if all I talk about is how busy I am. I understand what it feels like now, to be the recipient of royal whining. By this time, I started getting addicted with Ginger, Lemon and Peppermint tea. I still am, today. In fact, I’m planning to buy some more the next time I go to the grocery because I’m out of Peppermint tea. Around this time I started university classes. I’ll forgive myself for posting about always being busy because, it really was a busy season in my life. Haha.


Ahh this was when I realised the real dangers of distraction. There are two main things that seem to threaten my focus on studies. That’s CC ( and Vainglory (MOBA game). This took a whole month to realise. It’s in December that I started taking action.

And I go back to…


I decided to visit CC only weekly and that was successful. I was able to stay away from CC while I was studying for my first trimester finals. However, Vainglory was real dangerous. Especially since the world tournament was here in Singapore and I was very much tempted to watch it live. I even got tickets.

It’s only today that I decided to quit the game. I even read the lore and wrote a fanfic! While I enjoyed writing the fanfic and I liked the lore, it was gaming that set off my internal alarms. It’s very, very reminiscent of what got me into trouble a couple of years ago. Yup, world of warcraft.

I’m a very type A person and if I like a game, it’s because of the competitiveness of it. I initially played Vainglory hoping to just pass the time but, very quickly, I switched to full beast mode and played very competitively for a soloQ’er. If I say so, myself, I was a pretty badass mage. Enough of that.

This article from GameQuitters really helped me. The guy who wrote it knows what he’s talking about. It just doesn’t work as a reward system (playing, that is) for the type of person I am. I always tend to get so in the zone and forget the boundaries between fantasy and reality. For the same reason it just doesn’t work if I just decide to “limit my game time.” True gamers will know that’s never an option because chances are, and really high chances they are, you will not notice the time you spend gaming. Especially when you’re on a roll. You just like to keep winning battles back and forth. So, obviously that’s not gonna work either.

Thankfully, it’s only been a couple of weeks when I started getting real serious with this game. So, I’m quitting them cold turkey today.

Oh wow. That was a… colourful year. Excuse the lack of a better word. It was rather eventful and I got tired just writing all of that. Blogging can be exhausting sometimes. I can’t imagine what it’s like to host a talkshow and talk for hours. Oh my goodness.

Anyway, I’ll probably write another post before the end of this year so I’ll stop myself from sharing my insights for the new year. For now, this has been an enlightening activity, for me. I hope it was for you too, if you even got this far. Haha. This is freaking 1800 words already. Okay, I’ll stop here now.

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