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October 8, 2017

For the first time, in all my years as a netizen, I couldn’t think of anything to write on this blog. Part of it could be because I tend to, not necessarily but close to, compartmentalise. It’s not in the way of separating stuff from other stuff but rather separating past from present and from future. I’ve been learning to live ‘now’ and enjoy what I currently have and where I currently am. I think because of this, I end up forgetting whats happened in the past, at least the non-important things. I try to keep a record in my memory for really good things that happened to me or I have witnessed, but my mind fails me sometimes too. And it seems that now is one of those times.

Well, I’ll try to recall the events of this month. It all happened in a flash, that’s for sure. I am grateful for that because I’m getting closer to my goals at accelerated speeds. Although, not really, it just felt like it all happened too fast. I don’t wanna whine and sound like those people who have nothing to say but “I’m busy, busy, busy.” Although I have been busy, mostly with homework, scheduling, as well as project & time managing my school and work tasks, I was able to save time for myself.

I’m still religiously doing my 10 step Korean skincare (it’s 9 steps for me, really, because I don’t use an eye cream yet) every morning and before bed. I have also stayed faithful to my healthy diet: organic apple cider vinegar + honey drink in the mornings and SuperFoods (complete nutritional drink) + chia seeds (high in fibre, protein and omega-3) for breakfast. I still use my wonderful hair potion and, though not as often as I’d like, I still walk from the office to my place as my exercise.

Ah, I have started drinking ginger tea last month and it is so good for my tummy. I tried two different brands, one is called Planet Organic Ginger Tea (writing this reminds me I have to try their Detox tea soon) and the other is Twinnings Lemon & Ginger Tea. I liked both but I love that the Twinnings tea’s got lemon in it too. Needless to say, there’s a ton of benefits but the two things that I really like are:

  1. It solves my indigestion problems. With my chaotic schedule, my meal times do not follow a schedule most of the time and as a result, my stomach grumbles a lot. Now, though, I get to eat whenever I have to and just drink this tea and not be bothered anymore.
  2. Relieves me of nausea. Whenever I’m free and relaxed with time to kill, I spend it playing Minecraft. I like designing villages while protecting it from monsters. Minecraft is known to cause nausea and I used to just spend 5-10 minutes before I start feeling the world moving much faster than it normally does. But with this ginger tea, I’m able to play for as long as I can (one time I was able to play for almost 2 hrs!) – if my schedule permits.

I promise I wasn’t paid to promote these things lol. They’re just really wonderful and I can’t help but share. I think the most important benefit, though, and I thank God for this, is that my immune system has gotten stronger. I cannot afford to be sick in the next 2 years because I’d rather not deal with all the paperwork required for absence from either work or school, not to mention the amount of catching up I’d have to make.

Anyway, in addition to all of this, I still have yet to finish the Grace Capsule. I’m on disc 4 now and I’m really glad I started this journey. The things I learn about Jesus have a profound effect on me – huge understatement. I’m happy with who I am and where I am right now. I love my family and I thank God for them. I’m thankful for my job and the opportunity to reach my dream of finishing university. I loved knowing how accepted I am and how loved I am (so loved it’s unconditional). I feel like I’m at the center of God’s will in my life right this very moment. There is just this kind of peace knowing, not just hoping, that everything will be alright.

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