Easy Way To Kickstart Your Life: Habits

November 11, 2016

Success, by its definition, is relative. I consider some parts of my life a success, and some are a work in progress. I have recently realised, however, that success is success, no matter how small it is. The benefit of this principle is the sense of achievement you get for every successful task you accomplish, which will boost your determination to accomplish even more.

Once upon a time, I was an OCD perfectionist. I thought it was a great quality and I admired my ideals. In some ways, it is a great quality. However, the amount of disappointments in life that you will face will wreck this ideal and leave you feeling guilty (for being imperfect, yourself) and condemned (for pushing others too much). And I’ll tell you from experience, that’s not a very good feeling.

There is so much to talk about OCD perfectionism; its pros and cons and how it can make or break your life. But, I’ll keep this post light and easy. It’s too early for a philosophy and psychology discussion (also, I don’t have enough references as well as experiences for now xD).

I have, however, found this new principle (which is thanks to God for opening my eyes, I’ve heard it before but never understood) to be most effective and easy. That’s right. There is an easy way to success. And I mean success in life, in its technical form. For example, in 5 years, you want to finish 500 books. Accomplishing that within its time frame, is the fundamental form of success.

I have read a few books about success, though not enough for me to open a personality development class yet (and I’m not a licensed teacher xD), but enough to kickstart my, and hopefully your, life.

As a side note, I want to warn you about coming in headstrong. And by that I mean over doing. Like it’s just day 1 and you already have 100 things to do. That’s not necessarily wrong but very few people can pull that off. If you’re like me, who had more projects started than completed, then don’t take the risk of failing on the first day. With that said, let’s take this slow and easy.

Today’s class will be all about habits. Now, before you leave this page, muttering to yourself “I already know this,” ask yourself if it has worked for you. Chances are, since you are here reading this, it hasn’t. It will be more accurate to say that you’ve probably failed with habits, rather than habits failing you.

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

Jim Rohn

It takes 21 days to develop a habit. Right now, if your life is a mess, you probably have a hundred habits you want to develop and you want it now. Of course, this generation hates waiting. However, here’s newsflash for you and this is the first obstacle you will face if you’re serious about kickstarting your life. You will have to wait. Let that sink in. Accept it as a fact of life. There will be waiting. You won’t develop a habit tomorrow, or the next day or the next week, but at the very least, 21 successive days.

Now that we’re clear on that, let’s start with one habit. Just one. You’re probably itching to write a long list of daily habits to develop. I did too, at first. But you don’t wanna end up like me, quitting before completing 21 days because I got burned out. That or I skipped a few days and gave up. So, just start with one habit. If you think you’re disciplined enough, maybe two or three. But that’s it. Remember, don’t overdo. It’s not about what habit or how many, it’s all about consistency.

After deciding what habit to develop, track your progress. As intelligent as you think you might be, you have a very busy life and most likely will forget to track your progress mentally. So, write it down. Or get an app that tracks habits. Personally, I use Momentum. It’s very minimalistic and easy to manage.

Now, do it and check off day 1. And here’s the fun part, wait. Wait for another day to do it again. Then, do it all over again for 21 days. If you’re serious about this and you’ve never had success in life before, this may be the first time you’ll ever feel that sense of achievement.

Now, let’s translate this whole thing into a listopia. I have noticed that people (including myself) are very fond of steps 1 2 3. Anyway, here, just follow these simple steps to develop a habit and kickstart your life.

  1. Think of what you want to achieve.
  2. Determine the habit you have to develop for what you want to achieve.
  3. Start today.
  4. Track your progress.
  5. Do your habit again for 21 days straight.

I’m with you on this journey, don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’m starting with one habit and I’m on day 7, now. Just 2 more weeks before I add another habit to develop. It’s very refreshing and easy. The best part is knowing that next year, I’m more successful than I am today. And the same will be true for you.

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