Life Changing Apps of 2016

December 24, 2016

I know it’s a little too early. It’s not even Christmas, yet (as of this posting). However, I wanted to be one of the first people on the internet who posts a list of life changing apps of 2016. Like that will ever happen. For all I know, buzzfeed already has a draft sitting in their dashboard since, like, last new year. It is still worth a try, I suppose.

This is my personal list and is limited to my own experiences and bias. I haven’t used them for a full year – most of them just a few months – but they have helped change my life for the better and I hope they will be helpful to you too.


Joseph Prince App – This is my personal sermon app. As I listen to more and more sermons by Joseph Prince, I find it more convenient to use this app rather than spend an hour or two, watching him on DVD.

With this app, I get to search, buy and listen to sermons on the go, anywhere and everywhere. Most of the time, in the bus or in the train.


Plant Nanny – This app is so great and fun. I have been trying to get healthy all year-round but it wasn’t very consistent, what with my randomly-changing schedule. Alright, I was a little forgetful too. I found that I wasn’t very efficient with my daily water intake. I tried to set up reminders so I don’t forget to drink water, but the native app wasn’t really built for multiple reminders for the same task in a day. And so it was a little difficult.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon this lovely app. It doesn’t only remind me to drink enough water, it rewards my perseverance by growing me a digital plant. With every cup of water I drink, my plant also gets watered and eventually grows until I get to transfer it to my digital garden so I could plant another one. I find that concept fun and entertaining.

Sleep Cycle – This is my favourite alarm clock. Well, it is the only alarm clock I use now. It monitors my sleep and keeps my sleep details like, quality, length and such.

Additionally, instead of letting me set the alarm at a specific time, I can set it to a range of time, like between 6:00AM to 6:30AM. It uses my iPhone’s microphone to listen to my movements and determine the best time to wake me up. On the left is a screenshot of my personal sleep trends and statistics.


Momentum – This is very useful in helping me build positive habits. This app has dramatically changed my life that it deserves its very own post. In that post I talked about my success in creating habits using the Momentum habit tracker.

Daily Budget – Another great app. Other than it’s beautifully minimalistic interface, this app takes your worries away. Seriously. Okay, maybe that’s too subjective.

I like the fact that it hides everything else and only shows me my budget for today. Knowing how much I have left, the moment I open this app, makes me more careful in my spending.

The fact that it displays my would-be savings for tomorrow and the next day if I don’t spend what I have for today is a great temptation to not spend.

Bookling – Lastly, but most definitely not the least, is another, for a lack of a better word, great app. This app tracks my reading progress.

I know, there’s GoodReads. However, let’s admit it. GR app has much room for improvement. For one, this app doesn’t have to be online. The interface is sleek, even if not compared to GR app. The best feature I love about it, though, is that I can set up a reminder for each book on my reading list. I think that’s a nifty function. Also, you can unlock rewards and achievements, the more you read, which is very encouraging for new readers like me.

And that’s about it. All these apps I have on my phone right now, and they’re making my life so much better. Technology isn’t always bad. Heck, the very reason it was created (or discovered, or invented?) was for our betterment.

Although many apps of today are designed to rip us off, made to be cash cows that destroy the brains and souls of today’s generation, I’m glad and thankful that some people continue to develop apps that stay true to technology’s purpose.

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