What’s In My Backpack (2019)

March 24, 2019

I’ve seen a lot of posts like this and I’ve always wanted to make one for myself but I always had an excuse not to. The most recent was because I had a tote-bag rather than a backpack. Lame, I know. Anyway, I’ve recently gotten myself a cute backpack that I adore and I realise that nothing hinders me from joining the bandwagon anymore.

So, here’s a journey. I’ll take you to the depths of my backpack and get you acquainted with all the creatures living there. Come along, now, and hold tight!

My backpack is small (it’s in the photo above, top left) and has one compartment for a tablet with two inner pockets (one zipped, one isn’t) and two outer pockets, plus a bottle pocket on the side. I’ve numbered the items on the graphic above for easier reference. I should also mention that you will not find my smartphone (iPhone X, in case you didn’t ask) here. I do and have almost everything on my phone (food, clothing, camera – basic needs of a millennial) so I always have it on my hand where I can see and feel it.

Disclaimer: Images used aren’t exactly mine.

  1. Aloe Soothing Sun Cream – Let’s start with my sunscreen. I rarely use this and realised that I’ll never get to use it unless I always have it with me. So, as soon as I got my new backpack, I made this thing its permanent companion. Sunscreen is very important according to beauty gurus and although I’m not always outside, I want to be prepared for impromptu outdoor activities, being as spontaneous as I’m turning out to be.
  2. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu – I’m not a perfume person but I don’t wanna smell like trash so I got this small fragrance bottle which is a perfect fit in my backpack’s inner pocket (with item #7).
  3. Vaseline Lip Therapy (Rosy Lips) – I guess it’s a lip balm? It’s good for keeping my lips moisturised especially in this crazy heat. It has some healing properties too and relieves my lips when they start getting flaky.
  4. Sephora Lip Stain (#70) – I’m proud to say that I just recently got my Sephora Black membership (for spending too much on makeup that I rarely use, but still nice to have). #70 is the colour that works so well with the rest of my face, so yeah. Nothing interesting here for you.
  5. Milk powder bottle – This is even less interesting. But, I don’t use this for milk at all. A couple of years ago, my coworker introduced me to Kinohimitsu Superfoods, a nutritional beverage made of grains, berries, prebiotics, etc. It’s healthy and I liked it, so I added Chia seeds into the mix for protein and made it my usual breakfast. This milk bottle is what I use to store it.
  6. Airpods – I still fangirl over these, my new airpods (heart heart). I have nothing to say that’ll make it fancier. Airpods are… airpods.
  7. A bunch of ballpoint pens – Would you believe I have almost two dozens of ballpens? I used to carry just one or two around but I think, for a time, I was cursed to lose every single ballpoint pen I could get my hands on. Funny enough, now that I have more than I can count with both hands, I haven’t lost a single one. Or maybe because I have so many of them, I never noticed anymore? Shrug.
  8. iPhone charging cable – Because I don’t have a fancy wireless charger (sad face).
  9. USB-C to USB-A cable – This is basically for charging my iPad pro via USB or transferring files to PC.
  10. Earphone Case (Beyerdynamic) – I got Beyerdynamic earphones when Lazada went on a crazy sale and I paid only 20% of the actual price. It came with a really handy case that used to hold earbuds which I now use to house my good old wired (3.5mm) iPhone earphones. Why do I even keep those? I want to be ready for anything and it doesn’t hurt to still carry it around. At the very least, let’s give it some sentimental value.
  11. Kindle charging cable – Again, I’m the kind of person who wants to be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. I know Kindle batteries last for almost a month but, someone might just randomly need to charge them, and by being prepared, I can help other Kindle users in need.
  12. Brown clutch wallet – I honestly think this is mandatory. Everyone must have a brown wallet. That’s law #13345 of the universe. Well, it holds, er, whatever a wallet should hold. Cash. Lots of them, ideally (and some identification no one cares about). There is a realisation. The bigger your wallet is, the more cash you can carry.
  13. Owndays Spare Glasses – I didn’t buy these for the sake of having spare (who actually owns a spare pair of glasses these days?) The ones I bought, I don’t really find them flattering but I had them built with extra protection against computer screen so they were more expensive. I got another pair for vanity purposes that I can use if I get randomly invited to parties.
  14. iPhone charger / adapter – Same reason as #8. I sadly don’t own a fancy wireless charge.
  15. iPhone wired earphones (3.5mm) – I rarely use it. But for sentimental value and if I need to speak clearly without being extra loud (holding the mic closer to my mouth which isn’t possible with Airpods afaik), I keep it in my bag.
  16. iPad Pro 11′ – Ahh, the main course! I’ve recently just started moving my stuff to this thing from my old macbook pro so I can be more mobile and I can carry my school and blog work with me wherever I go without it being as heavy as an actual laptop with a freakin’ huge charger. Also, the new iPad Pro is really fancy, so it makes me fangirl a bit too. Performance wise, I’ve read a lot of articles about how the new iPad can almost replace a laptop for average use. I mean, if you’re using a laptop for rigging or anything else that’s processor-hungry then, the iPad isn’t for you. However, and I’m stereotyping, if you’re the kind who just goes to Starbucks with friends and frappe to work on school stuff using MS office or, pages ew, you won’t need all the power of an actual laptop. The new iPad has got you covered. Have I sold it to you yet? Oh, and I got mine with a smart keyboard because I type a lot and the Apple keyboard, really, is smart.
  17. Kindle Paperwhite – Ahh, the cherry on top! Kindle is a life-changer. Especially if you have to pay an awful lot for extra space so the number of physical books you can buy and keep is limited. Having a Kindle for use anytime and anywhere, like when you’re on break from work or school, waiting for the bus, or with nothing else to do, is like having a travel-sized magic door! Yes, think of Doraemon. I can write a whole lot about how reading is both an art and a necessity but that will be for another day.

And that’s all I have. Now, we’re back to the outside world. I hope you enjoyed that ride. I recall a saying, “Show me what’s in your backpack and I’ll tell you who you are.” Or something like that, at least. What we value is a mirror of who we are. It’s not necessarily good or bad but I guess it’s interesting to share about these things to others as it opens up a part of your life to random strangers for others to connect to. Writing it was enjoyable too.

Anyway, it’d be great to hear about your backpack. Maybe we have the same stuff but use it for different reasons. Who knows? Spill by leaving a comment below! Or send me a link to yours, I like to read about backpacks. Really.

That’s all for today!

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love your article abi!!
mag share sad ko what is inside my bag. Ahahahahaha! #suyalang