Year 2016 Expressed In A Song

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I’m going to express my year 2016 in a song that was not written by me. I would have written my own but this one already tells everything I have to say.

My 2016 song talks of Jesus’ love that’s sweeter than wine. I haven’t tasted wine so I really don’t understand that comparison. I have, however, tasted honey :p and I get the point. Anyway, this song perfectly defines my year, which happens to be, the best year of my entire life yet. read more


When I’ve been in a fast moving train for quite some time, sometimes I just want to get off and make time stand still. That is, enjoy the moment without letting it pass by. It is impossible, however. So, I just do this. Write stuff.

I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m just liking the feels I get when sitting back, relaxing and listening to beautiful music (About Time movie soundtrack, “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds). Some songs make us feel sad, for some reasons. Music, really, is powerful. And this is the kind of music flawed humans make. Imagine if we were already perfect. I can’t help my thoughts from gravitating to the heavens. I wonder what kind of music Jesus listens to. read more

Habit #1: Success

Hello, my dear readers. I am very happy and fulfilled to share with you that I have successfully created my first, official, habit. Like I said in my previous posts, I’m starting really small, taking in everyday as slowly, enjoyable and productive as possible.

The first habit I tried developing is reading one bible chapter a day. They say, to make a habit effective, there must be a trigger to remind us when to do it. With my crazy, randomly rotating schedule, the most effective triggers for my habit are before going to bed (whatever time that is) and after waking up (whatever time that is). read more

Keeping Up With My Habits

A few days ago, I posted something titled ‘easy way to kickstart your life: habits.’ It’s been 12 days since I started getting serious with habits and it took a lot in me to choose only 1 habit to start with. I was very much tempted to write 10 things in my habit list. However, like I mentioned in my previous post, only very few people can pull that off and the risk of failing and never completing 21 days was too great for me. read more

Easy Way To Kickstart Your Life: Habits

Success, by its definition, is relative. I consider some parts of my life a success, and some are a work in progress. I have recently realised, however, that success is success, no matter how small it is. The benefit of this principle is the sense of achievement you get for every successful task you accomplish, which will boost your determination to accomplish even more. read more